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  • Cambodia: Lyhour's story

    Cambodia: Lyhour's story

    Lyhour is a 14 year old from Phnom Penh in Cambodia who attended a school screening program that visited his high school, funded by Optometry Giving Sight and supported by the Brien Holden Vision Institute.

  • India: Omar's story

    India: Omar's story

    12 year old Omar from India was very excited about his new pair of glasses, which have not only enabled him to see the blackboard clearly, but also improved his batting skills on the cricket field!

  • Sri Lanka: Mrs Liyanage

    Sri Lanka: Mrs Liyanage

    Mrs Liyanage is the sole carer for her ailing husband. Her eye sight is vital in ensuring her and her husband have food and are safe. Her vision was causing her problems. She was struggling to see well enough to effectively take care of her husband and complete household chores.

  • Malawi: Samuel's story

    Malawi: Samuel's story

    After a long ambition to pursue a career within the medical sciences, Samuel Chagwadira became one of Malawi’s first ever optometrists in 2012. Samuel, along with four of his classmates, was among the very first graduates from the Malawi School of Optometry at Mzuzu University.

  • Eritrea: Finan's story

    Eritrea: Finan's story

    Finan is in her second year of studying for her diploma in the Asmara College of Health Sciences’ optometry program.

    The program forms part of a five-year project which aims to contribute to the development of optometry in Eritrea

  • Bangladesh: Sabbir’s Story

    Bangladesh: Sabbir’s Story

    Sabbir is a 6 year old boy in class one at his local government primary school in rural Bangladesh. Sabbir’s father has a tree nursery, and earns just enough to feed the family. Sabbir is the only son in the family, so his parents had high expectations of him doing well at school.

  • Bangladesh: Habib's story

    Bangladesh: Habib's story

    Habib is a 13 year old boy who lives in a village called Khalishapur in northern Bangladesh. He is one of five children in a very poor family. Although Habib’s parents own their simple house, they have no land for cultivating rice or other crops. So Habib and his father and brothers must find whatever work they can as

  • Cambodia: Sokunvortey's story

    Cambodia: Sokunvortey's story

    Sokunvortey is 15 and studies at a high school in a community a short distance from Phnom Penh. She is a keen student but over the last three years seeing the whiteboard had become more difficult and she noticed she could not recognise her friends from a distance.