Annie and Sonia

Annie and Sonia

 Our first pair of glasses


Annie and Sonia are two of 1500 children who benefitted from a recent screening program in Cap Haitian, Haiti. Poor vision made it very difficult for them to see the teachers’ writing on the blackboard. They were identified as having astigmatism and were referred to the Vision Plus Clinic, part funded by Optometry Giving Sight, for a full examination and to obtain glasses.

"Thank you for helping my daughters see the world," a grateful Mrs. Charles said after her 6-year-old daughter Sonia put on her first pair of glasses.

Optometry Giving Sight is currently raising funds to support the establishment of the first School of Optometry in Haiti, which we hope will accept its first students in 2016.

Optometry Giving Sight funds the development of sustainable eye and vision care projects in communities where these do not currently exist.

How donations can help:

  • $50 can help provide a study kit to an optometry student
  • $100 can help provide 20 people with access to an eye exam and glasses
  • $300 can help to provide a child size trial frame for a community based vision center
  • $1,200 could pay a month's salary for an optometrist to see up to 40 patients a day


Photo courtesy, our partners Vision for the Poor in Haiti