Sokhanya, a Cambodian student, was struggling to see at school until a free eye care program, with funding from Optometry Giving Sight, came to her school where she received an eye exam and the glasses she needed.

With a brighter future ahead, she is now determined to study hard and become a nurse.

Your support will transform more lives like Sokhanya's.

A child should never be limited by poor vision.

World Sight Day & The Challenge

What is the World Sight Day Challenge?

The World Sight Day Challenge is a major, international fundraising campaign. It’s coordinated by Optometry Giving Sight as a way to bring the global optometric community together and help end avoidable blindness and vision impairment. Together we can make a bigger impact.

Donate or pick a fundraising activity. Your support will make an immediate and long-lasting impact by making dreams like Sokhanya’s possible.

What is World Sight Day & Why Does it Exist?

World Sight Day is on October 11, 2018.

World Sight Day is an annual day of awareness and action. It’s a call for the global optometric community to come together to create a world where everyone can see, no matter who they are or where they live.

There are more than 1.2 billion people around the world who are blind or vision impaired because they don’t have access to an eye exam and a pair of glasses. This includes millions of children whose futures depend on the vision correction they need to learn at school.

Take the Challenge. It's Easy.

Make a donation or pick a fundraising activity. If you are an optometry practice, company, or school you can raise funds and involve your friends, family, staff, patients and colleagues. If you choose to do a fundraising activity, we will send you promotional and social media materials to enhance your fundraising efforts.

The World Sight Day Challenge is a great opportunity to raise awareness and transform lives for people around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

About World Sight Day
World Sight Day (WSD) is an annual day of awareness to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. It is coordinated by the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness under the VISION 2020 Global Initiative. It is supported by eye health organizations around the world – including Optometry Giving Sight – and is included on the official World Health Organization (WHO) calendar.

This year’s WSD is on Thursday, October 11th.
About the World Sight Day Challenge
The World Sight Day Challenge is a major fundraising campaign coordinated by Optometry Giving Sight designed to raise funds for projects that provide training, establishing vision centres and deliver eye care services for people who are blind or vision impaired due to uncorrected refractive error – simply the need for an eye exam and a pair of glasses.
How can my donations help?
There are over 1.2 billion people who are blind or vision impaired simply because don’t have access to an eye exam and the glasses they need. Your donation will help fund schools of optometry and train other eye care professionals, help build and equip community based vision centres that provide access to vision care and glasses where currently no services exist.

Please donate today or register today and we will contact you further about materials and information available to help you get fundraising!

Every $100 can provide eye care for up to 20 children.
Who can participate?
Optometry Giving Sight is urging all members of the optical community and all those who value good vision to take part in the World Sight Day Challenge!
How can I participate?
Participating is easy – simply make donation on or before World Sight Day, October 11, 2018. There are also other ways to get involved:

1. Optometry Practices can:
  • Make a donation
  • Pledge to donate an amount from every frame sold or eye exam given in October
  • Invite patients to donate and/or hold fun fundraising events in the office

2. Optical Companies can:
  • Make a donation
  • Hold a staff-led fundraising event and
  • Invite staff/customers to donate throughout October
  • Pledge a percentage of sales for a period of time

3. Students can:
  • Make a donation
  • Hold fundraising events to encourage your schools students, faculty and staff to join in helping to bring vision to those in need
  • The World Sight Day Challenge kit will offer colorful materials as an easy way for patients, employees and students to make a donation and participate in fundraising activities. Register to receive a kit.
What happens when I register?
Once you select your country to register, you will be sent an email with some further information about getting involved. It will include:
  • A link to buy t-shirts for your fundraising group
  • A press release and newsletter story so that you can tell your local media and networks about your efforts and how they can help
  • Images and copy to use on your social media pages to promote your fundraising
  • You will also be contacted by your local Optometry Giving Sight office about materials such as posters and stickers, and with other great tips to help you out.