Thank you for helping transform lives and futures

When Head Teacher, Ben, found Paul on the streets near a shopping center in Kenya, he had noticed that Paul had a problem with his sight.

Paul’s parents had broken up and remarried, leaving Paul and his siblings with his aging grandmother who had trouble looking after the children. Feeling neglected, Paul ran away.

Taking pity on him, Ben took Paul to an assessment center for his eyes, funded by Optometry Giving Sight, where Paul was prescribed medicine and spectacles.

Now Paul is happily back in school and able to read and write. He has a bright future, and thanks to Ben who adopted him, a new loving family.

  • $28 could help fund eye testing in schools, early enough to prevent blindness or other serious health conditions.
  • $53 can help provide low-cost glasses frames and lenses to people who might otherwise not be able to afford them.
  • $121 can fund the training of local optometrists in developing countries, and bring professional eye care to tens of thousands of people.
  • $500 can help purchase specialist equipment for a vision centre that can provide eye health screenings to communities in need.