Yes! I will help transform lives and futures – through optometry.
With a gift of $28 to fund eye tests and glasses, you can restore the life of a child like five-year old Somita from Cambodia.

Sony and Somita, brother and sister, were already living in poverty. Losing their vision would make life significantly harder and more dangerous for their family. Poor vision meant both the siblings were more prone to accidents and exploitation.

But a gift like the one you are about to make changed everything for this family. Their father was able to get them to a newly opened Brien Holden Institute Foundation Vision Centre in Phnom Penh, supported by funds donated to Optometry Giving Sight. A simple eye exam and corrective eyeglasses were all it took to change their world. They could now see their beautiful village and smiling faces around them clearly.

Right now, another child like Somita is in need of an optometrist and your beautiful, life-changing gift: the gift of sight.

  • $28 could help fund eye testing in schools, early enough to prevent blindness or other serious health conditions.
  • $53 can help provide low-cost glasses frames and lenses to people who might otherwise not be able to afford them.
  • $121 can fund the training of local optometrists in developing countries, and bring professional eye care to tens of thousands of people.
  • $1000 can help purchase specialist equipment for a vision centre that can provide eye health screenings to communities in need.
Disclaimer: From 1 July 2019

Optometry Giving Sight Australia will merge with its major implementing partner Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation. Donations received from 1 July will support Foundation programs in child eye health, accessible eye care and optometry development. Donors can choose to support the Optometry Giving Sight campaign from this date.