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Launch of 1st World Congress of Optometry

Launch of 1st World Congress of Optometry

Ethical brand giving sight in more ways than one

Ethical brand giving sight in more ways than one!

Luis from El Salvador

Windows of Light

Eye Health Mentor, VOSH Corps and Sight Safari Expedition

A great way to get involved and see the world!

USA World Sight Day Challenge update 2014

Hundreds contribute to fundraising events

Reporte de actividades – Reto del Día Mundial de la Visión en México 2014

Estamos muy orgullosos de ver lo bien que ha sido recibida nuestra campaña en México

Optometry Giving Sight Safari Expedition 2015

Travel opportunities to Tanzania , Kenya and Rwanda

Olimpiadas especiales y Optometry Giving Sight

Fortalecimiento de formación profesional - Proporcionar Cuidado de la Visión para Todos

Eyeteach© en América Latina

El entrenamiento Eyeteach© fortalece el desarrollo profesional en América Latina

Desarrollando la capacidad de Optometría en la India

La Optometría como profesión en la India está experimentando un cambio radical

A New Era for Optometry in Vietnam

Meeting the eye care needs of Vietnam now and in the future

2014 Project Highlights

Your support transforming lives

Eye care for Abrehet in Eritrea

For us, our vision is vital for our jobs and for our patients

Optoms Cycling for Sight

Optoms Cycling goal to collectively cycle the circumference of the world

Vision Care for the Homeless

Optometry Giving Sight supports Vision Care for Homeless People

Una nueva era para la Optometría en Vietnam

Se estima que hay tres millones de niños en Vietnam con defectos refractivos no corregidos

Eyeteach© training in Latin America

Eyeteach© Training strengthening professional development in Latin America

India - a future leader in global eye care

Building the capacity of Optometry in India

Canada World Sight Day Challenge update 2014

World Sight Day Challenge donations now pouring in

Special Olympics and Optometry Giving Sight

Strengthening Professional Training- Providing Vision Care for All

Canada French World Sight Day Challenge update 2014

Les dons du défi de la Journée mondiale de la vue

Pionnière de l’optométrie au Vietnam

Pionnière de l’optométrie au Vietnam

Le droit de voir

North American Optometry Students

Optometry Students Launch the World Sight Day Student Challenge on Campuses Across North America

Pioneering Optometry in Vietnam

Pioneering Optometry in Vietnam

Industry and Profession Coalition for WSDC 2014

Industry and Profession Continue Coalition Efforts in Support of the World Sight Day Challenge 2014

CooperVision’s ‘One Bright Vision’

CooperVision’s ‘One Bright Vision’ helps give sight in Tanzania for a second year

Maui Jim Media Masters Tennis Coaching at Wimbledon plays important role in sustainable eye care

On Sunday 29th June Maui Jim hosted an exclusive tennis experience at the Wimbledon Club for the second year running.

Jesse's Eagle Scout Project

Eagle Scout project for giving sight in East Timor

2013 Annual Review

2013 Annual Review

Eye care in Latin America

EyeTeach© educator training comes to Latin America

"We See" South Africa

‘We See,’ a Child Eye Health Project, aims to reduce visual impairment in South Africa by 90 Percent

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care México apoya a Optometry Giving Sight

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care México se convirtió en el primer Patrocinador Nacional de Optometry Giving Sight

Optometry rising in Sri Lanka

With the introduction of the first optometry degree program scheduled for later this year, and the ongoing development of vision centres ...

Aliviando desastre en Filipinas

Aliviando desastre en Filipinas

Ollie in the land of Oz

Ollie the optometrist in the land of Oz

Cuidado ocular en América Latina

Cuidado ocular en América Latina - EyeTeach©

"Vemos," (We See) Sudáfrica

“Vemos,” (We See) un Proyecto de Salud Ocular Infantil que tiene como objetivo reducir la discapacidad visual en Sudáfrica en un 90 por ciento.

FYidoctors become Platinum National Sponsor in Canada

Optometry Giving Sight recognizes FYidoctors as Canadian Platinum National Sponsor