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The I Care & Share™ program is based on the ‘buy one – give one’ principle and offers a win-win-win for your practice, patients and the 600 million people who are blind or vision impaired due to uncorrected refractive error. Two ways to participate in I Care & Share are to donate between $2-$5 for each pair of glasses sold or each exam given. Additionally, you will be able to share with patients that they are also helping to transform lives.

Your participation in I Care & Share reflects your social responsibility. It will also help develop and strengthen your bond with your patients and highlight the importance of good vision care for everyone. ‘I Care & Share” is a fantastic way to connect them with a cause close to your heart.

With your pledge to participate, we will provide you with a packet of promotional material for use in your practice, including posters, counter cards, insert cards for eyeglass cases, a press release template and social media tips.

I pledge to participate in the I Care & Share program by agreeing to make a monthly or quarterly donation based on the number of glasses sold or exams given.


Determine your commitment based on this example: $2 per pair of glasses @ 100 glasses per month = $200 per month