Why give a Gift of Vision™ ?

Thank you for considering a Gift of Vision™ from Optometry Giving Sight.

You may have asked yourself the question “what do you get the person who has everything?” On this website you will find some exciting ways to provide friends, family and colleagues with a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Making a donation in lieu of a traditional present is becoming evermore popular. Many people are choosing to buy a gift for friends and relatives that means something, gives something back and, most importantly, can change someone’s life.

Giving the Gift of Vision™ shows that you care – twice. The person who receives the gift with a personalized card from you knows that you have thought of them and the people who receive the benefit of your generosity will receive one of the most treasured gifts of all, the gift of vision.

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Optometry Giving Sight - Our vision

A world where avoidable blindness and vision loss, due simply to the lack of a pair of eye glasses, no longer threaten the quality-of-life and future livelihood of children and adults because there is universal access to quality vision and eye care services for all those in need.

670 million people around the world are blind or vision impaired simply due to the lack of an eye exam and a pair of glasses (uncorrected refractive error).

Good vision enables children to learn, adults to work and the elderly to maintain their independence. Do you or a family member or friend wear glasses? Imagine what life would be like without them. Would you be able to do your job, drive your children to school or care for yourself and your family?

Optometry Giving Sight funds sustainable projects which train local eye care professionals and develop infrastructure such as Vision Centers to ensure a long-term solution. The projects also provide eye exams, glasses and low vision aids to men, women and children who live in communities with little or no eye care services.

What could be more rewarding than receiving a gift that provides vision and changes someone’s life?


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