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Seeing Eye to Eye is based on the ‘buy one – give one’ principle. You can engage your patients by explaining that for every pair of glasses they buy, your practice makes a donation to give someone else a pair of glasses who otherwise wouldn’t have access to eye care.

Seeing Eye to Eye is a great way of raising the profile of optometry and your practice in your community while giving sight – and hope – to people in need. Simply donate a set amount from the sale of every pair of glasses, frames, contact lenses, eye exam or another item or service you choose.

Most practices are choosing $2-$5 / £1-£2.50 per item, although some are donating more!

Dr. Jeffrey Krohn and his staff from Fig Garden Optometry in Fresno, CA were looking for a way to engage their patients as well as giving back to people who are needlessly vision impaired. Seeing Eye to Eye was the perfect solution. They give a “promise” to their patients: “When you see better, you provide sight for another.” And since January 2011, Dr. Krohn’s practice has lived up to its promise and their donations have provided sight to the equivalent of 8,000 people in need! 

Strachan Eyecare has been donating $2 to Optometry Giving Sight for every frame sold since April 2007. “It’s been very easy to implement in our practices”, said Sue Strachan.  “We mention it on our receipts and in our monthly newsletter and we have had only positive feedback from our patients. Our staff think it's great to be involved in such a worthy cause!" 

Supporting You!

Optometry Giving Sight will provide posters, brochures, a donation box and other promotional materials to display in your practice. We can also assist in securing local media coverage to highlight your practice’s involvement.  Practices can also involve their patients by inviting them to make a donation for small services like frame adjustments or screw replacements.

Contact your local Optometry Giving Sight office for more information today!