You can transform a life. Help to give the gift of vision today.



Seeing Eye to Eye is based on the ‘buy one – give one’ principle. You can engage your patients by explaining that for every pair of glasses they buy, your practice makes a donation to give someone else a pair of glasses who otherwise wouldn’t have access to eye care.

Seeing Eye to Eye is a great way of raising the profile of optometry and your practice in your community while giving sight – and hope – to people in need. Simply donate a set amount from the sale of every pair of glasses, frames, contact lenses, eye exam or another item or service you choose.

Most practices are choosing $2-$5 / £1-£2.50 per item, although some are donating more!

We will provide display materials for your practice to highlight your involvement in reducing global blindness to your staff and patients including posters, brochures, a donation box and other promotional materials.

Contact your local Optometry Giving Sight office for more information today!

Hear from one of our optometrists currently supporting Seeing Eye to Eye:

"Since taking over this practice in 2011, we have been pleased to continue $5 donations for every new frame purchased by a patient. OGS’ sustainable model of aid confirmed our decision to continue the donations. We feel strongly about the importance of good vision for all people, whether living in advantaged situations or not.  It is our privilege to share our abundance with those in need."
-Dr. Heidi Webster, Victoria Vision Eye Care, Victoria BC, Canada