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Global Founding Patron

Global Gold Sponsor

Optometry Giving Sight Singapore is a limited liability company that provides vision care services for poor and disadvantaged people in Singapore only. 

Gold National Sponsor

"Carl Zeiss Vision and Carl Zeiss Canada are proud to be a Silver National Sponsor of Optometry Giving Sight. 2010 was our first 'World Sight Day Challenge' and was enthusiastically received by all of our employees. In addition, we also donated a portion of our sales on a specific product, Universa HD, for the whole month of October." John Dillon, President.


Chairman: Stan Isaacs – Stan Isaacs Optometry, President of The Singapore Contact Lens Society

  • Kai Hung Lee – Optometrist, Singapore; Member – Singapore Optometry Association
  • Bridgette Yeoh – Optometrist, Stan Isaacs Optometry
  • Prof. Brien Holden – CEO, Brien Holden Vision Institute
  • Bob Chappell – Trustee, World Council of Optometry
  • Peter Ackland - CEO, International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness
  • Amanda Davis – COO, Brien Holden Vision Institute Public Health Division